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Oats are High in Fiber!


We usually hear about fiber when we read about food and health, or when we see this word on food labels. Fiber isn’t always on the top of everyone’s list when it comes to finding nutritious foods to eat, which probably means that many of us don’t know exactly what it is or how important it is to our health. There are many great sources of fiber that we can incorporate in our diet, we just need to do a little research in order to find which of our favorite foods have a lot of fiber content so we can eat these particular foods more often. And who knows, maybe in the process you’ll find a few more healthy food ideas to give yourself a little more variety! A few foods that are high in fiber include – fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole wheat, whole grains, beans, and seeds.


Oatsare a great way to get your fiber intake during breakfast! Oats can be used for a variety of healthy breakfast meals, and are easily incorporated into a variety of healthy breakfast recipes.

Two main types of fiber: soluble and insoluble


is commonly found in legumes, oat bran, and psyllium. As the name implies, this type of fiber dissolves in water.


on the other hand is something that our bodies cannot digest. This includes the plant walls which cannot be dissolved by our bodies which are common in cereals and vegetables.

Fiber Benefits

A diet rich in fiber is known to contribute many health benefits. The most common result of a high fiber diet is good bowel movement (it absorbs water as it goes along the colon thereby easing defecation). Fiber also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces risks of heart disease and Type II Diabetes, while helping prevent certain forms of cancer.

How Much Fiber?

Fiber contributes to healthy weight management because with the right amount of daily intake (25 to 35 grams), fat absorption is reduced. Because food rich in fiber are low in the glycemic index, they take longer for the body to convert into sugar. This means that those who eat fiber regularly don’t feel hungry very often.


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