postheadericon Fruit! If You’re In a Hurry and Want to Eat Something that’s Quick & Easy to Make – Eat Fruit for Breakfast!

Delicious, Healthy Fruit Bowl!


I absolutely love eating fruit for breakfast! Sometimes I’ll grab an apple and a banana, sometimes I’ll open up a can of pears and/or peaches (I usually rinse with a little water first in order to take away some of the sweetness that comes with the syrup it’s packed with), and sometimes I’ll go all out and but 5 or 6 different healthy fruits and cut them up into bite size pieces and throw them in a big bowl. Then whenever I want to eat a bowl of fruit for breakfast or just want a quick and healthy snack, I just pour some into a smaller bowl and eat away (usually with a toothpick since I’m reading or working and don’t want to get all sticky). Other times I’ll add this healthy food option to my healthy breakfast, such as on top of my yogurt or on top of my french toast.

Fruit Bowl

Sometimes I don’t feel like cutting up all that healthy fruit into a bowl, but when I think about the end result – a big, beautiful bowl of delicious and healthy fresh fruit – I start cutting away! The first time I started cutting up the variety of different fruits I bought, the knife wasn’t that sharp and it was much more difficult to cut the pieces into the shape and size I wanted. So be sure you have a really sharp knife so that the cutting up process is as simple as possible. (Be Careful!) My favorites right now (for cutting up and eating) include – red apples, green apples, oranges, pears, pineapples, red grapes, and green grapes. For the most part this stays the same, changing with the seasons for freshness and variety!

Healthy Fruit

Consider looking into the various types of benefits that eating fruit provides, which will allow you to better understand the full nutritional values you are giving your body. I eat some type of fruit every single morning and call it breakfast #1. Then about 20-30 minutes later, I’ll eat breakfast #2, whichis usually either a bowl of cereal, a bowl of oatmeal, or a bowl of yogurt. Yum! (This makes me feel I’m eating more than I am!) So what are some of your favorite fruits? Update: Recently, I tried for the very first time a persimmons, and it was really delicious! I bought them from a couple of friends who grow them and sell them at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market where I volunteer on Thursdays. Yay! A new addition to my list…


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