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Homemade Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich

Fast Food

Instead of driving through the closest fast food drive thru window, consider making your own version of what you’d buy. For example, say you make a habit of driving to McDonald’s to buy 2 of their Egg McMuffin. make your own at home using healthier ingredients. Or if you end up using the same ingredients, say an egg, at least you’ll know where the eggs comes from that you’re using. Use a whole wheat or whole grain English Muffin, an egg from a high-quality cage-free, free-range chicken. And you can use any of your favorite cheeses. Right now my favorite cheeses are extra sharp cheddar and Havarti. Yummy. Last but not least, or you can omit all together. If you cook the egg perfectly you won’t need it, unless you like the extra flavor a condiment adds. Or take Jack in the Box’s Steak and Egg Burrito. Swap out the white tortilla for a whole wheat, whole grain one. Scramble your own yummy high-quality eggs, add the type of protein you want along with a Mild Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese. We think you should simply omit adding the Hash Browns, unless you want to make some yourself, which although is a little time-consuming is quite a delicious treat (especially using our recipe!). Their burrito also comes with chipotle sauce on it and a side of fire roasted salsa, which is quite a lot of flavor! maybe even too much so maybe choosing one over the other is a good idea. Or maybe you’re one of the people who have eaten breakfast at Taco Bell now that they’ve recently jumped into the fast food breakfast arena. Their breakfast menu basically consists of white tortillas, eggs, sausage, steak, bacon, potatoes, cheeses, and has browns. All of these things are so easy to buy and cook yourself. Although it will take your time to make your breakfast vs. buying it, the cost of the meal will be considerably less and the best part is that it will taste so much better and be better for you! If you want to experiment and change it up a little, instead of using a tortilla or an English muffin, make some homemade biscuits to put your breakfast foods on. Delicious! (I need to add some biscuit recipes now!)

About Fast Food

Just a quick note about how easy it is to get addicted to fast food. When you grow up eating fast food, you’ll develop a taste for eating this kind of food. The more you eat fast food, the more you get used to eating it, and the more addicted you become. There are even studies that back this up. Although for many people the thought of not eating fast food anymore is probably unthinkable, I say this to you – try to make at home what you like to buy from your favorite fast food restaurants. Make sure you buy quality as well as fresh ingredients so you can enjoy what food is really supposed to taste like. I used to eat fast food all the time until I started trying to make the effort to eat healthier. Since I stopped going out to eat so much and instead ate fresh foods, my taste buds began to change and I began to crave these healthier foods. When I would eventually get a craving for some fast food, I would go and indulge myself but found that because I was now more used to eating fresh foods, the fast foods began to taste, well sorry, but gross. It’s all about getting yourself through that transitional stage – from eating unhealthy fast food items to eating fresh and healthy foods that you can make yourself.

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