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postheadericon Smoothies & Juices – 3 Reasons Why College Students Should Drink Them


Smoothies & Juices are Delicious!

Succeeding in college is a practice in keeping your mind constantly focused while trying to keep life in balance. Some of that balance comes from, shall we say, recreational activities. You’ll be pulling late nights through college, and not all of them will be focused on studying. So how do you give your brain that little kick to keep you focused through classes? There are a few fruit juices and smoothies that will do the trick, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of juice or smoothie bars near your campus to get your daily fix. 1. First you want to drink smoothies that are high in vitamin C. You can even boost the effectiveness of vitamin C with some beta-carotene, which shouldn’t be hard as it is found in orange peels, carrots and mangos. These are all popular additions to many styles of fruit smoothies and the benefits of vitamin C are michael kors bags ukabsolutely important to keeping you healthy and focused throughout classes. Vitamin C is a huge help for your immune system, and even in your youth, that system is going to be working at less than optimal rates if you live the traditional college experience. Even if you aren’t out partying, and instead going to school as a family man or woman, you’ll probably often be up late studying. Again, vitamin C is going to keep you feeling your best. 2. Anything with a B vitamin included, especially B6 and B12, will boost your energy and help keep you focused. B6 is the vitamin found most frequently at juice shops, often times as an add-in. If you are willing to go green though, take a chance on a kale-based juice. It may sound a bit rough, but if it is made the right way you’ll mix strong citrus based flavors with the juice of kale or spinach to offset the bitter taste. The best juice bars will help you mix the perfect drink to make sure that you aren’t drinking something you have to drink, and instead pining for another trip to their shop. 3. Finally, you are going to want some natural carbs. The good news is that most fruits and vegetables provide a nice amount of carbs to boost your energy and can help the body function at its best. While a Hershey’s bar may help give you a quick boost of energy because of all the sugar you are taking in, natural sugars found in fruits will do much more for you in the long run. This isn’t just because the carbs are coming with another set of vitamins and minerals, but because your body will have to work less to break down the natural stuff. There isn’t one perfect miracle drink to make college easy. College will always require a significant amount of work, but staying healthy, focused, and above all awake, can easily be handled through intelligent use of natural fruits. Juice bars aren’t so popular around college campuses by mistake – they are there because they work. Talk to the guys and gals at the shop, they will get you the perfect mix. Mike D. is a writer for ( To stay healthy and fit, why not consider an online degree? Take a look at this site to learn more.

postheadericon Getting Breakfast Right: Start Your Day The Paleo Way – A Paleo Breakfast

Paleo Breakfast is healthy

A Delicious Paleo Breakfast!

The ‘Right’ Foods

Eating the ‘right’ foods is probably more important for breakfast than any other meal. Fueling your body with whole, natural foods is the best way to make sure your day starts off on the right foot. The Paleo lifestyle is all about eating naturally and removing refined, process foods from our diets – our bodies are just not designed to deal with these in most cases. Followers of Paleo enjoy a range of health benefits including high energy levels, quality sleep and effortless weight loss – all without any concern for meal timings, supplements or even calorie intake.

Here are some things to keep in mind when coming up with ideas for Paleo michael kors bags outletbreakfasts that will set you up for an enjoyable, productive day every single time.

Food Choices

Eating protein at breakfast time has many benefits. Firstly it helps to stabilise your blood sugar throughout the course of the day so cravings and energy highs or lows are kept to an absolute minimum. Protein is highly satiating so you know that hunger shortly after breakfast will not be a problem. This is a common issue for people who begin their day with refined carbohydrates such as cereals and bagels.

As well as protein, fruits and vegetables also make great foods to start your day with. Although vegetables may not be a typical breakfast food for some people they can provide you with high doses of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as soon as you wake. A great way to incorporate veggies is to eat frittatas or omelettes in the morning – you can easily include spinach, broccoli, peppers, onions and more in these delicious meals.

Fruits are great too. One of the best choices is fresh or frozen berries mixed with thick, organic yoghurt.

Meal Ideas

Other than the ideas mentioned above, the best mind-set to get into when following a Paleo-style diet in the morning is “dinner for breakfast". This is a little bit of a strange concept for many people but you can easily get used to it. Many Paleo followers eat meat and poultry based meals to start their days. Eggs are obviously an excellent choice too and give you a lot of potential meals and recipes to try.

If you begin to eat more naturally at breakfast time and start to adopt principles taught in Paleo and other primal based diets you will soon notice the positive differences in your life. Just one week of following these rules and cutting out your morning carbs will be enough time to become convinced.

Breakfast is obviously only the start. Try eating cleaner foods at the start of your day, and then imagine the health and weight loss benefits you could see if implementing this kind of eating plan all of the time.

For more information visit where you can learn about Paleo, fat loss and efficient weight training techniques from the founder, Ryan Turner.

postheadericon Healthy Snacks – on the Go!

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks, yum!

Healthy Snacks on the Go!

It’s almost that time of year again – the time when all the kids go back to school and life becomes full of appointments, practices, and meetings. That’s right, fall is almost upon us! Whether you have kids in school or not, this is a busy time of year, and busy means a healthy lifestyle tends to fall to the bottom of the priority list. What can we do? When life gets busy, you don’t have to settle for fast food and unhealthy choices. Here are four easy, healthy snacks that you can enjoy on the go! Of course, these snacks should be eaten after everyone’s eaten a healthy and nutritious breakfast!

Celery Sticks

Celery is a great snack because it’s a negative calorie food. What does that mean? It takes more energy to eat it than the amount of energy it gives you! This is a good healthy snack because it curbs hunger without piling on the carbs. Add a little bit of peanut butter or cheese and you’ve got yourself a nice healthy treat. How do you make this on the go? It’s easy to throw some celery sticks in a Ziploc and bring them to school or work with you. mcheap michael kors uk Adding peanut butter or cheese is a little bit trickier, but placing a good-sized spoonful in a small Tupperware container is just as easy.

Trail Mix

Who says that fruit and nuts are just for desserts? Having a snack bag of trail mix handy can satisfy the munchies without making a trip to the vending machine. Nuts are a great source of lasting energy, while fruit gives you a quick burst of energy from natural sugars. Put them together, and you’ve got a well-rounded snack for any time of day. Many trail mixes can be found in large quantities at your local grocery store, but there is no harm in mixing your own favorite nuts and dried fruits. This is an easy and affordable snack for any budget.

Fresh Fruit

There is nothing wrong with grabbing an apple or orange on your way out the door. The FDA dietary guidelines suggest 2-4 servings of fruit each day, which is easily met if you slide fruit into a purse or backpack. Fresh fruit is better for you than canned or frozen because it doesn’t have the preservatives and unnecessary sugars. Not only that, but fresh fruit doesn’t need to be kept at a certain temperature so you can grab it and stash it anywhere. Apples are an easy choice and will give you a good dose of fiber, but any fruit can be just as delicious and nutritious. Choose wisely!

String Cheese

You may think of string cheese as a childhood snack, but it really is a healthy choice! It is high in calcium, protein, and has a lower amount of fat than most cheeses. Because each stick of string cheese is individually packaged, it’s an easy thing to grab when you’re in a rush. Word of warning though- string cheese is packaged so that it is safe to eat at any temperature, but it tastes much better if it’s cold. I wouldn’t grab string cheese and leave it in your bag all day, but it’s nice to eat on your way out the door. Life is fast paced, you are busy, and with school fast approaching it can be hard to keep eating healthy foods. However, with a little bit of preparation you don’t have to sacrifice health because you don’t have time. Keep these tips in mind, and you’re all set for the back to school rush. Happy snacking!

About the Author

Penelope is a content editor at and writes regularly on various health, fitness, and wellness topics.

postheadericon Bacon: Is It A Healthy Breakfast Food?


Bacon for Breakfast – Delicious

Most of us prefer eating bacon for breakfast. These thin slices of cured meat often bring delight into our breakfast table as well as giving us the energy we need for the day. Though bacon has been considered as a traditional food item for the morning meal, is it a healthy food for breakfast? In this article, we are going to talk about breakfast foods with bacon as the main topic and we are going to give answer to the question, “Is bacon a healthy breakfast food?” This article aims to provide useful information to guide those who seek a healthier breakfast option for everyday living.

What Is Bacon?

If we try to look at this question, surely most of us would know the obvious answer. But we should also consider the fact that bacon is not common to some areas in the globe as this is only eaten mostly in the western part of the world. So for the benefit of those who do not know, let’s try to define what bacon is. By definition, bacon is a type of cured meat that is often boiled and smoked. The kind of meat used in making bacon usually comes from pigs. The bacon is prepared by curing the meat in large quantities of salt, and then it could be boiled with spices or smoked to give more flavour to the meat. Boiled bacon can be eaten right away and so are some smoked varieties, but it can be further cooked as desired. Bacon has been a part of the traditional American breakfast along with eggs, bread, and milk. It is usually fried until crisp in texture then served for everyone to enjoy. Apart from being a part of the breakfast meal, it can also be an ingredient in making sandwiches and salads. While others prefermichael kors outlet online to eat it in an unusual way like being dipped in a liquid chocolate to make chocolate covered bacon.

Is Bacon A Healthy Breakfast Food?

While most of us enjoy eating bacon, we should also consider the nutritional benefits that we get from this food. So is this a healthy food to be served during breakfast? Some will say it’s not healthy because it is a type of preserved food and the process done was curing the meat in large quantities of salt. So this means that a slice of bacon contains more sodium as compared to other breakfast foods. One study even suggests that eating 4 cuts of bacon already contains 800 mg of sodium which is more than the usual amount to be consumed. Not only that, bacon also contains saturated fat which translates into cholesterol and may lead into heart complications. On the other hand, bacon can be a good source of protein and our body needs protein to build up our muscles and give us energy needed for our everyday activities. It contains certain vitamins which are necessary to keep out body fit. Boiled bacon can be considered as a healthier option because the amount of salt and fat was already removed during cooking and it taste just the same as other kinds.


Though there’s no definite answer as to determine whether bacon is a healthy food or not, it will still boil down to our eating habits and how the bacon is prepared before serving into the breakfast table. Instead of cooking it with oil, why not try other means of cooking bacon to get rid of those unwanted elements in the meat? Not only will you be making it a healthier food, but it will still remain delicious. Moreover, we should also consider eating bacon in moderation because no matter if it was well prepared, too much of something will still be bad for you. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge about this article on trying to find out if bacon is a healthy breakfast food.

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