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Paleo Breakfast is healthy

A Delicious Paleo Breakfast!

The ‘Right’ Foods

Eating the ‘right’ foods is probably more important for breakfast than any other meal. Fueling your body with whole, natural foods is the best way to make sure your day starts off on the right foot. The Paleo lifestyle is all about eating naturally and removing refined, process foods from our diets – our bodies are just not designed to deal with these in most cases. Followers of Paleo enjoy a range of health benefits including high energy levels, quality sleep and effortless weight loss – all without any concern for meal timings, supplements or even calorie intake.

Here are some things to keep in mind when coming up with ideas for Paleo michael kors bags outletbreakfasts that will set you up for an enjoyable, productive day every single time.

Food Choices

Eating protein at breakfast time has many benefits. Firstly it helps to stabilise your blood sugar throughout the course of the day so cravings and energy highs or lows are kept to an absolute minimum. Protein is highly satiating so you know that hunger shortly after breakfast will not be a problem. This is a common issue for people who begin their day with refined carbohydrates such as cereals and bagels.

As well as protein, fruits and vegetables also make great foods to start your day with. Although vegetables may not be a typical breakfast food for some people they can provide you with high doses of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as soon as you wake. A great way to incorporate veggies is to eat frittatas or omelettes in the morning – you can easily include spinach, broccoli, peppers, onions and more in these delicious meals.

Fruits are great too. One of the best choices is fresh or frozen berries mixed with thick, organic yoghurt.

Meal Ideas

Other than the ideas mentioned above, the best mind-set to get into when following a Paleo-style diet in the morning is “dinner for breakfast”. This is a little bit of a strange concept for many people but you can easily get used to it. Many Paleo followers eat meat and poultry based meals to start their days. Eggs are obviously an excellent choice too and give you a lot of potential meals and recipes to try.

If you begin to eat more naturally at breakfast time and start to adopt principles taught in Paleo and other primal based diets you will soon notice the positive differences in your life. Just one week of following these rules and cutting out your morning carbs will be enough time to become convinced.

Breakfast is obviously only the start. Try eating cleaner foods at the start of your day, and then imagine the health and weight loss benefits you could see if implementing this kind of eating plan all of the time.

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