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Smoothies & Juices are Delicious!

Succeeding in college is a practice in keeping your mind constantly focused while trying to keep life in balance. Some of that balance comes from, shall we say, recreational activities. You’ll be pulling late nights through college, and not all of them will be focused on studying. So how do you give your brain that little kick to keep you focused through classes? There are a few fruit juices and smoothies that will do the trick, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of juice or smoothie bars near your campus to get your daily fix. 1. First you want to drink smoothies that are high in vitamin C. You can even boost the effectiveness of vitamin C with some beta-carotene, which shouldn’t be hard as it is found in orange peels, carrots and mangos. These are all popular additions to many styles of fruit smoothies and the benefits of vitamin C are michael kors bags uk absolutely important to keeping you healthy and focused throughout classes. Vitamin C is a huge help for your immune system, and even in your youth, that system is going to be working at less than optimal rates if you live the traditional college experience. Even if you aren’t out partying, and instead going to school as a family man or woman, you’ll probably often be up late studying. Again, vitamin C is going to keep you feeling your best. 2. Anything with a B vitamin included, especially B6 and B12, will boost your energy and help keep you focused. B6 is the vitamin found most frequently at juice shops, often times as an add-in. If you are willing to go green though, take a chance on a kale-based juice. It may sound a bit rough, but if it is made the right way you’ll mix strong citrus based flavors with the juice of kale or spinach to offset the bitter taste. The best juice bars will help you mix the perfect drink to make sure that you aren’t drinking something you have to drink, and instead pining for another trip to their shop. 3. Finally, you are going to want some natural carbs. The good news is that most fruits and vegetables provide a nice amount of carbs to boost your energy and can help the body function at its best. While a Hershey’s bar may help give you a quick boost of energy because of all the sugar you are taking in, natural sugars found in fruits will do much more for you in the long run. This isn’t just because the carbs are coming with another set of vitamins and minerals, but because your body will have to work less to break down the natural stuff. There isn’t one perfect miracle drink to make college easy. College will always require a significant amount of work, but staying healthy, focused, and above all awake, can easily be handled through intelligent use of natural fruits. Juice bars aren’t so popular around college campuses by mistake – they are there because they work. Talk to the guys and gals at the shop, they will get you the perfect mix. Mike D. is a writer for ( To stay healthy and fit, why not consider an online degree? Take a look at this site to learn more.

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