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Someone to men ralph lauren stripe polo call my lover Written and produced by jackson and jimmy jam and terry lewis,the song was released as the album’s second single on june 26,2001 by virgin records.Using a guitar riff from america’s”Ventura highway”,”Someone to call my lover”Talks about being determined to find a perfect match. “Someone to call my lover”Received positive reviews from critics, with most praising its innocence and sweet aura, picking the song as a standout track on the album.The song was a success on the charts, reaching number three on the billboard hot100 chart, while reaching the top ten in canada and the top twenty in australia and the united kingdom.A music video was directed by francis lawrence, and centres on a jukebox.Another video for the”So so def”Remix was also released.Jackson performed the song only on the all for you tour. “Someone to call my lover”Was written and produced by janet jackson, james harris iii and terry lewis.[1] The song’s looped guitar riff is sampled from America’s1972 hit”Ventura highway”, with Dewey Bunnell receiving writing credits.The loop played throughout the chorus is an interpolation of”Gymnopdie no.1″By french classical composer erik satie, played in 4/4 time instead of the original 3/4.Jackson had searched for years for the catchy satie track. “When i was a little girl and i used to come home from school, there was something called”The 3:30 Movie”, and they used to play the MGM Musicals.There was a commercial. I remember watching Singin’ in the Rain andThere was a commercial with the lady all in white, and I don’t know if it was for Dove or something like that, but they would play this, ‘Da, da, da.’ It was the Erik Satie.I never knew who the composer was, and this song never left me. “[2] Jackson said she came across the tune again about seven years later: “I was at ralph lauren and i said, ‘oh, my god!Is this the radio or is this a cd?’ I said, ‘Please tell me it’s a CD.’ They said, ‘It’s a CD well, actually it’s a Ralph Lauren CD and we don’t have it anymore.He didn’t take the actual song, but he kind of put his own flavor to it in ‘Someone to call my lover, ‘ which takes me back to my childhood. “[2] In an interview, Jimmy said,”And for ‘Someone to call my lover, ‘ she hadn’t heard the ‘Ventura highway’ sample before.She hadn’t heard those songs.So it’s kind of fun to come up with stuff like that and play it for her.And she hasn’t heard of it, but she still really likes it.So you have something that’s going to appeal to people that haven’t heard it before, it’s going to catch them, but it’s also going to catch the people who are nostalgic about it. “[3]At the time of recording, Jackson had just divorced her longtime husband, Ren Elizondo, Jr., after nearly ten years of marriage. “Someone to call my lover”, and several of the other songs on the All for You album, use Jackson’s divorce and re emergence into single life as central themes. “Someone to call my lover”Talks about being determined to find a perfect match.[4] The sample of America’s”Ventura highway”Opens the single, accompanied by fingersnaps and some bass.In the beginning, jackson has begun touring again and there isn’t anyone to talk to and she wishes she had companionship,”"Back on the road again/feeling kinda lonely/and looking for the right guy/to be mine,”She sings.[4] In the pre chorus, she fantasizes where her dream guy might be,”Maybe we’ll meet at a bar/he’ll drive a funky car/maybe we’ll meet at a club/and fall so deeply in love,”She sings.In the chorus, she’s eager to find a guy to love,”Alright maybe gonna find him today/i gotta get Someone to call my lover/yeah baby come on,”She chants.[4]“Someone to call my lover”Received generally favorable reviews from music critics.Stephen thomas erlewine of allmusic picked the song as”One of the record’s best cuts. “[1] Timothy Park of NME enjoyed the lyrics, writing that”While most of us dream of being Janet, it’s reassuring to know she dreams of being us.And providing she does it with the ever enduring jam lewis produced fluffy pop of ‘Someone to call my lover’ then who are we to complain? . “[5] In another NME review, Piers Martin wrote that the song”Recalls aaliyah’s ‘try again’ in its squelchy simplicity. “[6] Gene Stout of Seattle Post Intelligencer praised the track, calling it”Sweetly innocent,”Praising the”Ventura highway guitar,”Writing that it”Adds a wistful, nostalgic feel to the song’s deep yearnings for love and togethernesss. “[7] The Bland Is Out There review was negative, writing that”While jackson’s music has relied heavily on samples, there was at least some creativity to it.They were weaved into the beat as a supplement. “It called ‘Someone to call my lover, ‘”The most unimaginative, laziest single jackson has released. “[4]The song was released as the second single from All For You, following the huge hit of its title track.It is the last of jackson’s singles to have reached the top ten on the billboard hot 100 chart to date.On the billboard hot 100 chart,”Someone to call my lover”Reached the top forty in june, while it reached the top ten in july.It eventually peaked at number 3, becoming her 28th top 10 hit.[8] It also debuted at number one on the Hot 100 Singles Sales chart, [8] where it remained for 3 weeks.[9] It also topped the R Singles Sales chart for 2 weeks.[9] The song reached number 9 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart.[10]“Someone to call my lover”Reached the top twenty in many places.In the uk, the song reached number 11, on the uk singles chart[11] in australia, the song debuted and peaked at number 15 on the aria chart week of august 5, 2001, spending 9 weeks on the chart, [12] while on the new zealand singles chart, the song started at number 30, peaking at number 18 in its fourth week, spending a total of 15 weeks on the chart.[13]For the single, a So So Def Remix was produced and became Jackson’s first collaboration with Jermaine Dupri.[14] The song earned Jackson a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2002, losing out to Nelly Furtado’s”I’m like a bird”.[9]The music video was directed by Francis Lawrence, and centres on a jukebox. Jackson is depicted driving and walking into a bar, whereShe sings, dances and eventually hitches a ride from a red car.A video for the so so def remix was also released, and contains similar footage to the original but contains shots of dupri in alternate scenes as well as his vocals.[15] The original video made the limited bonus DVD edition of All for You while the So So Def Remix video appears on the 2004 video compilation From Janet.During the performance, Janet is wearing a white t shirt and jeans, while using a garland of flowers, called lei in hawaii.The song was also included on her vhs/dvd show”Janet:Live in hawaii”. “Someone to call my lover”Was also the dedication song to singapore for the 2011 number ones:Up close and personal world tour. 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