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Odwalla is a really great brand that promotes healthy food and drink choices. There’s nothing artificial when it comes to Odwalla products. Odwalla drinks are chock full of nutrition in a convenient-sized bottle, which can be consumed in either one or two portions. I usually buy my Odwalla products when they’re on sale, which they do fairly often, for @ $1.99. (You can find coupons online, too!) If I drink half a bottle, then it’s costing my $1.00 for 6 ounces for pure nutrition, which I think is a pretty good deal! If you’ve never tried an Odwalla drink before, I highly recommend that you check for them next time you go to your local grocery store. I would love to hear your thoughts! You can drink them any time of the day, and there’s a variety of different flavors and types so you’ll never get bored! Enjoy!

Odwalla Juice

My favorite Juice(right now) is the Pomegrand – Pomegranate Limeade. Other popular flavors include orange juice, pure-squeezed lemonade, and carrot juice.

Odwalla Superfood

My favorite Superfood (right now) is the Original Superfood, which is full of yummy juices and grasses (that explains the green color!). Other flavors include Pink Poetry, Red Rhapsody, and Berries Go Mega.

Odwalla Smoothie Refreshers

My favorite Smoothie Refresher (right now) is the Mxed Berry Shuffle. Other flavors include Mango Lime Twist and Pear Berry Jive.

Odwalla Smoothies Pure Juices

My favorite Smoothie (right now) is the Citrus C Monster. Other flavors include Pink Poetry, Mango Tango, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry C Monster, and Mo’Beta.

Odwalla Proteins

My favorite Protein drink (right now) is Chocolate Protein Monster. It’s really tasty and I sometimes drink it as a dessert. Other flavors include Super Protein Original (a little ‘chalky’ for me), Strawberry Protein Monster, Vanilla Protein Monster, and Super Protein mango. Try out the seasonal flavor – Odwalla Pumpkin Protein – which is quite popular!

Odwalla Energy

Odwalla offers an energy drink – Serious Energy Natural Tropical Energy Juice Drink – which is includes the natural juices, vitamins B & C, and green tea extract. A great alternative to other energy drinks that contain ingredients that aren’t always deemed to be safe.