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Farmers Market - Diane & Randy (a legally blind fisherman!)

Farmers Market – Diane & Randy (a legally blind fisherman!)

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are a fantastic way of accessing fresh and healthy food while supporting your local farmers. I am currently volunteering at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market and love everything about it. Last October, I walked up to the Information Booth and asked if they needed any help. I stated that I attended UCB and studied sustainable food systems with a focus on social policy, so I was very interested in volunteering at the SV Farmers Market so I could get my feet wet. I didn’t know at the time I was talking with Diane Jones, who is the head person in charge, who welcomed my assistance. I was so happy! I can be found at the SV Farmers market Information Booth from @ 12:00 t0 2:15 or so. I began to volunteer for a few hours every Thursday at the Farmers Market and Diane was very accommodating. I began to meet lots of local farmers and about their farms and the foods they grow. I was very interested in hearing their stories and Diane set me up with Dona for my first interview (which is almost done!). I also take pictures every week with many of them being printed in the Sierra Vista Herald on the Farmers Market information page, which is very exciting for me as I’ve always loved taking pictures. My plan for this page is to make subsequent pages where I can go into details about the some of the vendors at the SV Farmers Market. I want to tell their story, letting people know a little about them and their importance in practicing sustainable farming methods. Of the few vendors that don’t actually own their own farm, they do buy from the local farmers and thus support them by doing so. Farmers markets rock! At the SV Farmers Market we have chairs and tables where people are free to stay awhile. They can relax and enjoy eating the food they just bought or their lunch, or they can sit back and enjoy the musical entertainment, which is always fun!


Support your local Farmers Market today! It’s important on so many levels…

Favorite Foods

Some of my current favorite foods to buy – greens from Dad’s Farm, and eggs.

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