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Healthy breakfast ideas

There are lots of healthy breakfast ideas that you can choose to suit your tastes and preferences. Breakfast is one of the most essential meal plans, as it marks the first meal plan of the day. Due to the health effect, it needs to be full of important nutrients for that added energy. With more and more people following weight loss plans, the concept of having healthy breakfast has gained prominence. Not only is healthy breakfast nutritious, but it also helps to get rid of extra fat from the body.

Healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas are made from foods that consist of very less amount of carbohydrate and fat. High carb is the main source of a number of health complications, and so it is essential to keep the carb count in check. Made from fresh items, the healthy breakfast products are wonderfully suited to start your day with a touch of health and fitness. You can try from both vegan and non-vegetarian dishes and recipes for breakfast. From these, you will get vital nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfast

There are lots of healthy recipes breakfast ideas that you can choose from vegetarian dishes. The vegan dishes are free from cholesterol and do not lead to any fat formation. You can have a popular breakfast idea with a plate of fruit salad, along with some low carb protein item like egg white or roasted bacon. In addition, you can try out some low carb milk, or energy diet shake. Another good substitute can be to take in some low carb bread or cake along with a bowl of beans or vegetable salad. It is very healthy and free from fat and carb. Some people also prefer to have yogurts and cream butter in breakfast.

Non-Vegetarian Healthy Breakfast Ideas

You can also try out a wide range of non vegetarian healthy breakfast ideas. They provide high amount of proteins, yet with low fat. In most cases, chicken and pork are preferred for breakfast as they consist of very less carbohydrate. In addition to these recipes, you can also try out some fish recipes for breakfast. Some of the popular non vegetarian recipes that you can have for breakfast are sliced chicken with lemon sauce, roasted bacon, fried or roasted ham, sliced pork chops with ginger and so on. In case of eggs, the white portion is preferred over the yolk, because it has high proteins, and very less carb and sugar.

Breakfast Ideas For Babies

Healthy French Toast

French Toast is Delicious!

Breakfast helps give the body a boost after a long night of sleeping and provides the body with protein and other nutrients. When a baby is just starting out on table food, you may run out of ideas of easy and quick breakfasts for your little one. While rice cereal and cut up fruit are healthy and quick, you do have other options to vary your baby’s breakfast routine.

French Toast Sticks

One healthy breakfast idea for a baby is French toast sticks. For this recipe, you will need one slice of bread, one egg, 1/8 cup milk, a dash of cinnamon, and one tablespoon of butter. While you can use whatever bread you like, you can increase nutrients by using whole grain bread. Since babies benefit from drinking whole milk, continue to use whole milk or two percent milk in this recipe. As this recipe contains dairy products it is important to remember to take advice on whether your baby can consume milkat their particular stage of development. Whisk the eggs, milk, and cinnamon in a bowl until they are incorporated together and pour into a flat container. A square cake pan is perfect for this step. The bread gets placed into the pan containing this mixture to soak. While the bread is soaking, heat a frying pan on the stove and melt the butter. After the butter is melted, place the soaked bread in the frying pan, making sure to drain excess egg/milk mixture from the bread. Heat the bread over medium high heat for three minutes per side. After the bread is golden brown on both sides, remove and place on a plate. Depending on your baby’s age, cut the toast into small strips or cubes. Add a few dipping sauces for your child to dip the toast in, such as maple syrup or applesauce. While you are cooking French toast sticks for your baby, you may need to give them something to keep occupied.

Keep Your Baby Safe

Letting your baby play with blocks, measuring cups, or plastic bowls will entertain your child until you are ready to serve them. Having your baby in a proper highchair is important for all meals. A highchair allows babies to eat at the table with the rest of the family and to be seated in the correct manner for eating. They promote good posture, which allows your baby to be safe while eating and not choke on his or her food. In addition to safety, having your baby eating at the table with the rest of the family teaches your child how to act at meals with other people. They also can see other people eating and will eventually model the good manners they observe from the rest of the family.

Quick Veggie-Rich Breakfast Recipes to Curb Morning Insanity

Vegetables for Breakfast? Yum!

Do you hit the snooze button multiple times every morning when the alarm clock sounds? Do you grudgingly drag yourself down to the kitchen for your morning coffee, only to leave the house without eating? Well no more! You’ve heard the reasons you need to eat a healthy breakfast. No more excuses! Here are three easy breakfast recipes featuring vegetables. Vegetables for breakfast? Yes, you read that correctly. Vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, and many vegetables help fight cancer. These veggie-packed breakfast ideas will give you energy, deliver nutrients and jumpstart your morning.


Do you have a juicer or blender handy? Throw in some spinach, add some carrots, kale, or cucumbers, and blend away! You’ll have a refreshing breakfast option you can drink as you rush out the door. Add a splash of mint or a dash of lemon zest for taste.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a delightful breakfast option. They’re versatile, tasty and unbelievably simple. Bake and eat, smash and spread on toast, or stir together with a little Greek yogurt and cinnamon. You can ready sweet potatoes ahead of time by wrapping in aluminum foil and baking at 400-degrees until soft. Plus, sweet potatoes keep well in the refrigerator.


Omelets are a fabulous way to add veggies at breakfast. Chop up some veggies of your choosing – onions, peppers, spinach, and tomatoes work well. Heat a little oil in a non-stick pan (I prefer coconut oil for its numerous health benefits). Crack 2-3 eggs in a bowl and whip with a fork. Stir in veggies and pour into your pan. Flip your omelet over when the eggs have firmed and serve hot. For a fun twist, try omelet cupcakes. Stir together eggs and veggies. Place liners in a cupcake pan and spray with oil. Pour mixture in and bake at 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes until top is firm. Simply pop your mini omelets out and eat! Make these the night before and keep them in the refrigerator for those rushed mornings. Add salsa for extra flavor and boost to the metabolism. Hope this short list of ideas help with those alarm blaring, mind baffling mornings. Enjoy! About the Author: Bonnie Coberly is a Certified Health Counselor at Natural Horizons Wellness Center, a Fairfax, Virginia wellness center. She’s also the founder of Healthy Bites, an organic meal delivery service that makes fresh, healthy food convenient for busy people.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for College Students

College Students Eating Lunch

College meals are often vastly different from those served so faithfully by Mom or Dad when students still lived at home. This occurs for two reasons: schedules often leave little time for preparing healthy meals, and budgets are so tight that the cost of eating healthy meals is prohibitive. Still, students are intelligent enough to know that a good breakfast can make a huge difference in their ability to learn and retain information. This means that a student with limited funds needs to plan carefully to prepare inexpensive breakfast dishes that will give them the vitamins and minerals needed for their bodies to function properly. The following ideas might help them to do just that.

Quick and Healthy, Traditional Breakfast Foods

Students may want to stick with traditional breakfast foods that can either be prepared a night or two before they are needed or are so easy to prepare that they do not take away from the precious minutes needed to get ready for class each day. The following are good choices: • Boiled eggs and a piece of fruit • Oatmeal and a glass of skim milk • A bowl of high fiber cereal with a banana • Canadian bacon and cheese on a whole wheat English Muffin • Cream cheese on a bagel with a banana

Healthy, Non-traditional Breakfast Choices

Students can be quite creative with their breakfast choices without sacrificing their health. As long as they keep in mind that they need some type of protein to start the day, they can add other items as desired as long as they consider the total calorie count. Some great choices that should not contribute to weight gain are as follows: • A mixture of nuts and dried fruits with a glass of milk • A cup of yogurt topped with a tablespoon of wheat germ • A smoothie made from healthy ingredients such as fresh or frozen fruit, low-fat ice cream, milk, or juice • A whole wheat waffle or pancake topped with peanut butter and an all-fruit spread • An ounce of hard cheese and a small piece of fruit • A sandwich made of whole grain bread, a slice of turkey, and a slice of tomato • Add a smear of peanut butter to a whole wheat muffin • Make an Egg-Beater omelet and add your favorite vegetables • Wrap a piece of turkey and cream cheese in a tortilla and eat with a peach Remember, breakfast provides the energy for your day, and skipping it completely could lead to low blood sugar levels and dehydration. Healthy breakfast options should always be a combination of low-fat protein, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and vegetables or fruit in order to prevent these problems. A diet that includes plenty of these ingredients will lead to better concentration and increased alertness, and students’ grades will generally reflect their good eating habits. Guest author Jennifer Lewis never skips breakfast and believes it’s the most important meal of the day. She writes for a site that helps female students find financial aid, such as financial grants for women and scholarships for women in biology.


The first time I ate an artichoke was when I was about 5 years old. I had it with butter. It was very good. I’ve been eating it since then. I do not have it that much anymore. My brother and sister do not like it at all. Now I’m 9 years old. Other ways to eat artichokes 1. Cook it in a dip and eat it with crackers 2. Cook it and put it into a pasta salad An ArtichokeElias Jr. Writer 9 Years old

That’s Me!

I Like Pie – It’s True!

The first time I had pie was when I was 9 years old. Now I am 9 years old. My favorite kind of pie is cookies and cream. The first kind of pie I had was pumpkin pie. What is your favorite kind of pie?

Cookies and Cream Pie is my favorite!

Elias Jr. Writer 9 Years old

That’s Me!


Oreo’s is milks favorite cookie! It has 2 chocolate cookies with white frosting in the middle. My opinion is that Oreo’s taste good. But Oreo’s are not healthy. They are junk food.

Oreo’s are Milk’s Favorite Cookie!

Elias Jr. Writer 9 years old

That’s Me!

Apple Poem

Apples are good, Apples are great I like to put them on a giant plate You take a bite and say Yum-Yum Once it hits your Tummy Tum-Tum Top it with Peanut Butter, eat it whole When you finish it’s good for your soul!

Apples w/Peanut Butter. A Delicious & Healthy Snack!

Elias Jr. Writer 9 years old

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The first time I had a tomato was when I was 5 years old. I didn’t like the tomato. Now I’m 9 years old and I still don’t like tomatoes. Tomatoes are good for you. My parents like tomatoes, though.

Healthy Tomatoes! Maybe Elias will like them one day.

Elias Jr. Writer 9 years old

That’s Me!

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