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Health Issues

Health issues can be quite detrimental to one’s life. They tend to be at the forefront of everything you do, making health issues something that is always on your mind if you happen to be suffering from the many health issues that are out there…


Although I’m not a huge breakfast person, when I am craving a good breakfast it is always one of two things – an egg, ham and cheese sandwich with runny yolk on toasted wheat bread with a little bit of mayo, or pancakes or waffles with some bacon on the side. I am trying to avoid gluten for health reasons ((fibromyalgia)) so this cuts out my ability to eat wheat bread. It cuts out my waffles and pancakes, as well. I was bummed when I realized this, but I figured I could simply modify the first breakfast to find some kind of compromise. I decided to fry up a couple eggs and when they were finished I topped them with a slice of extra-sharp cheddar cheese (award winning from Fresh and Easy, yum!) and some fried ham on top. This seemed to be a simpler, healthier version so I was happy with this breakfast food choice. Unfortunately, about 20 minutes after eating this (I had not eaten eggsin a while), my stomach started to ache really bad. It quickly turned into my being curled up in a ball holding my stomach for dear life. It felt like terrible cramps in my stomach, my sides and my back all at once. I broke out in a cold sweat and my insides felt like they were throbbing and aching worse than I could have ever imagined. Even my hands were affected by this food reaction that suddenly consumed my whole body.

Acid Reflux


What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was having a combination attack between my acid reflux and IBS. They both seemed to be extra sensitive that day and the fried egg, the yolk in particular, had really messed with my insides. The cheese might have played a small part, but I am usually okay with small amounts of dairy. With some research, I have found that it seems to be almost impossible to really find a good combination of breakfast foods with my current health issues and accordingly food restrictions. There’s more on the no-no list than there is on the yes-yes list! I am supposed to avoid fatty, fried foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, fruits (mostly those high in fructose, which includes apples), dairy products, and even (gas-producing) vegetables. These days, my breakfast usually consists of lunch or dinner types of foods, meaning mostly meat and safe vegetables.


Does anyone else have these health issues? Do you have any suggestions for how to deal with them? Do you believe health issues can be corrected with food?

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