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postheadericon What Can I Eat? – Should be Rephrased to What Should You Eat!

What Can I Eat?

What Can I Eat? There are lots of healthy choices!

What Can I Eat?

So how many times have you found yourself standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry thinking, “what can I eat”? Maybe there’s not much in there because it’s time for a trip to the store. Or maybe you’re starting to get tired of eating the same ol’ thing and are looking for something new to eat. Or maybe… your body is telling you that it’s time to find a few new foods that are deemed healthy and nutritious to eat. Just maybe your body is speaking to you, telling you that it wants you to choose a few foods that can help you feel energized and feeling good throughout the entire day.


Eating food is necessary to live, we all know this. But eating healthy food is essential if you want to give your body the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly. Unfortunately, we live in a society of fast and convenient foods. A society where food is something that is viewed as more of a product rather than a real, wholesome food that we need to eat to keep ourselves fit and strong. Fortunately, the truth about our current food systemis finally beginning to come out, informing us on all the extreme wrongs that are taking place in every single aspect of how food is brought to our table.

Food Choices

Try to make a conscience decision every single day when it comes to choosing the foods you’re going to eat. When you’re deciding on what your next meal is going to be and find yourself asking the ‘what can I eat?’ question, stop for a minute and think, ‘should I eat this food?’ ‘why am I eating this food?’ ‘is this food good for me?’ So, maybe the original question, ‘what can I eat?’ should be turned into ‘what shouldI eat?’.

Healthy Food Choices

FruitOatmealScrambled Eggs with Tofu • Whole Grain Pancakes or Waffles • Yogurt • Cereal – Grape Nuts


postheadericon Yogurt Makes A Delicious and Healthy Breakfast – Make it Your Own With Extras!

Yogurt = Healthy Breakfast!


I know, I know… many people (including me once upon a time!) seem to think that eating yogurt may seem a little too simple to make a breakfast meal. Well, if you want to eat a healthy breakfast, then yogurt should definitely become one of your regular breakfast foods. I now eat yogurt at least 4 – 5 days out of the week, and absolutely love it! I buy a big tub of plain, non-fat yogurt (Mountain High is my favorite!) and then one of those small, individual yogurts (usually with blueberries or strawberries) so I can add a small scoop to the one cup or so of the plain yogurt in order to add a little touch of flavor without adding too many calories.

Yogurt Toppings

Once I make just the right mixture, I add about 1/4 cup of my favorite granola or Grape Nuts cereal, then I sprinkle about 3 -4 tablespoons of flax seed on top. I’ve recently added chia seeds, which I bought at the Farmers Market and absolutely love! If I happen to have a few fresh berriesavailable, I throw them on top for some extra flavor and nutrition. Yummy!

What is Yogurt?

Okay, ready? Yogurt is made by adding (a particular kind of) bacteria to milk and then allowing it to ferment in a controlled environment. Of course, there’s a step-by-step procedure to making sure that it comes out just right, but that’s pretty much the procedure of making yogurt. There are a lot of health benefits to eating yogurt, as well as it being rich in protein.

Give Yogurt a Try!

So if you’re one of those people who think yogurt may be too plain to eat for breakfast, I ask you to think for a minute or two so you can come up with your own special yogurt recipe that will have you hooked (like me!). Be sure to share!

postheadericon Vitamin C Benefits

Make sure you give your body the recommended daily amounts of Vitamin C! Every time a study is performed on this safe and effective nutrient, the researchers are always finding out that Vitamin C provides many more benefits than originally thought. Be sure to check to see exactly what your recommended daily intake should be by visiting Vitamin C: • Helps protect against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular disease. • Helps people deal with stress. • Helps fight off colds. Doesn’t prevent them, though. • Helps skin wrinkling as we age • Helps lower risk of stroke. Of course, the best way to get your daily dose is to eat foods that are high in of Vitamin C. The following is a list of Vitamin C-rich foods along with the recommended daily intake amount. • Orange Juice – 1 cup • Tomato Juice – 1 cup • Cantaloupe – 1 cup • Kiwi – 1 medium-sized • Broccoli – 1 cup cooked • Red Pepper – 1/2 cup Tips for Consuming More Vitamin C • Add fresh fruit and/or berries to your muffins, pancakes, waffles, yogurt, and cereal. • Snack on pre-cut up fruits and/or vegetables, making sure to change it up so you never get bored! • Add dried fruit to your cereal for something a little different, or simply snack on the dried fruit. Yum! Good To Know Vitamin C is not stored in the body, so if you consume too much you simply pee it out later. Although, it is recommended that you don’t exceed more than 2,000 mg a day as this can upset your stomach.

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