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postheadericon What Can I Eat? – Should be Rephrased to What Should You Eat!

What Can I Eat?

What Can I Eat? There are lots of healthy choices!

What Can I Eat?

So how many times have you found yourself standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry thinking, “what can I eat”? Maybe there’s not much in there because it’s time for a trip to the store. Or maybe you’re starting to get tired of eating the same ol’ thing and are looking for something new to eat. Or maybe… your body is telling you that it’s time to find a few new foods that are deemed healthy and nutritious to eat. Just maybe your body is speaking to you, telling you that it wants you to choose a few foods that can help you feel energized and feeling good throughout the entire day.


Eating food is necessary to live, we all know this. But eating healthy food is essential if you want to give your body the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly. Unfortunately, we live in a society of fast and convenient foods. A society where food is something that is viewed as more of a product rather than a real, wholesome food that we need to eat to keep ourselves fit and strong. Fortunately, the truth about our current food systemis finally beginning to come out, informing us on all the extreme wrongs that are taking place in every single aspect of how food is brought to our table.

Food Choices

Try to make a conscience decision every single day when it comes to choosing the foods you’re going to eat. When you’re deciding on what your next meal is going to be and find yourself asking the ‘what can I eat?’ question, stop for a minute and think, ‘should I eat this food?’ ‘why am I eating this food?’ ‘is this food good for me?’ So, maybe the original question, ‘what can I eat?’ should be turned into ‘what shouldI eat?’.

Healthy Food Choices

FruitOatmealScrambled Eggs with Tofu • Whole Grain Pancakes or Waffles • Yogurt • Cereal – Grape Nuts


postheadericon Food – Eat a Super Food for Breakfast & Get Lots of Nutrition with Very Few Calories

Food provides us with nutrients

Food = Nutrients!


We all know that we need to eat food to live. What’s important is the types of food that you choose to eat. You’ll need to make sure that (at least most of the time!) you choose to eat a food that is full of the nutrients so that your body gets the nutrients it needs so you can feel good throughout the whole day.

Super Foods

Super foodsare foods that are high in nutrition yet are low in calories. These super foods are foods that can help you stay healthy, lose weight, are easy to use in recipes, and are best of all – delicious! It’s important that you do your best to make healthy food choices, as well as trying to incorporate a variety of these healthy foods into your everyday diet.

List of Super Foods

(for breakfast)


There are lots of easy ways to add blueberries to your breakfast meal! This super food is amcheap michael kors uk perfect addition to both hot and cold cereals. Or pour a handful of blueberries on top of pancakes, waffles, and french toast. Blueberries taste fantastic on top of non-fat yogurt.

Non-Fat Yogurt

Eating non-fat yogurtis a great super food and is a great way to get a high dose of protein, as well as calcium, B-vitamins, potassium, and magnesium. Non-fat yogurt also contains probiotics, which are good bacteria that helps keep your digestive tract healthy as well as helping keep your immune system strong.


Eggs are a consider to be a super food because it contains lots of nutrients all neatly packed in a little oval package. The versatility that eggsoffer are also one of the reason why this super food is so popular!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a super food that although is not usually associated with a breakfast meal, makes a great addition to a variety of breakfast meals. Simply cut them up and bake them in a 420° oven for about 25 minutes. Drizzle them with olive oil and add a dash of salt while being sure to turn them once about 15 minutes in.


Berries are one of the super foods that are super easy to add to just about any breakfast meal. There are so many various types of berries – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries – the list goes on and on.


postheadericon Chia Seeds – Add This Healthy Food to Your Everyday Diet

Chia Seeds – Give Them a Try!

Chia Seeds

So what exaclty are chia seeds? Chia seeds come from the Chia plant, which is native to both Mexico and Guatamala. High in omega-3 fatty acids as well as dietary fiber, chia seeds are a great way to add these two essential items to your everyday diet.

Chia Seeds – Nutrition

–Chia Seeds are full of nutrients! –There are about 140 calories in a 1-ounce serving of chia seeds. –Glycemic Load is very low –There are about 12 grams of carbohydrates included in a 1-ounce serving of chia seeds. –A 1-ounce serving of chia seeds can provide nearly half of your daily fiber intake!

Chia Seed – Suggestions

You can choose to add the chia seeds to your water (or your favorite drink), although know that they will become gelatinous, or you can grind them for a smoother drinking quality. Or add them to your yogurt like I do every morning for a nutritious breakfast. They fit in perfectly with my flax seeds and granola! Also, you can add them to your oatmeal or in your next batch of banana bread. All you need is about 2 – 3 tablespoons (1 ounce) to receive the many benefits derived from consuming chia seeds. Although I really don’t agree with being sneaky about food when it comes to kids being picky eaters, integrating chia seeds into pancakes, muffins, or essentially any food that your child currently eats can be quite easy to do. I only suggest this for kids who are super picky and thus not open to trying any new food. I’m sure there are many, many more ways in which you can add chia seeds to your everyday diet. Since I’ve only found out about chia a couple of months ago, I would love if you would please share some of the ways you currently use chia seeds. We’d love to hear about them!


postheadericon Kids and Eating – Giving Them the Power To Make Healthy Food Choices

Healthy Food – Give Kids a Few Choices!

Healthy Food Choices

Unless you are one of the too few people who are already in the habit of making healthy food choices, it can be really hard to come up with healthy food ideas on a regular basis. This holds true especially for kids, who tend to be particularly picky when it comes to general eating, making finding healthy breakfast recipes for kids an even more difficult task. One great tip is to start incorporating a variety of healthy food choices as soon and as often as possible so that kids have the chance to grow up feeling like there are a ton of different food choices available, which there are! Kids need to be excited about trying new healthy foods, because who knows? Maybe the next healthy food they try will end up being one of their absolute favorites!

Picky Eaters

If you have children that are already picky eaters and thus often refuse to try a new healthy food, don’t despair as it is never too late to introduce them to new healthy foods. Just be sure to not force them to try a new food as they will most likely shy away if you do. Instead, let them be a part of the food buying and preparing process, which will make them feel as if they indeed have a voice when it comes to choosing and eating the foods they like. For example, take them with you to the grocery store and let them pick out a new fruit or vegetable to try. In fact, before you go look through one of your magazines or go online so that you can both look for a few healthy food options and then let them choose a healthy recipe that the whole family can try! Even if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay as you can try again next week.

To Eat Healthy

To eat healthy is to feel strong, so be sure to do all you can to ensure that your kids are getting all the necessary nutrition they require. Especially in their younger years so that they are able to have a strong base and are able to perform at their very best! Don’t allow them to be a slave to eating all the processed foods that are geared towards making our lives easier. If you do, they will become addicted (yes, addicted!) to this very unhealthy way of eating, which will be super hard to break one day. Look at the ingredients in order to see what you are truly giving your child, keeping in mind that most processed foods are void of any nutritional value, instead adding preservatives to keep the foods on the shelf longer and dyes so that the food looks like real food. Be sure to visit my other site for a few extra tips on feeding picky kids.

postheadericon Healthy Breakfast for When You’re On the Go – A Super Delicious Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burritos are a Great Choice when you’re On the Go!

Healthy Breakfast

Coming up with healthy breakfast ideas is not always easy to do. If you’re like most people, you wake up and then everything from then on is pretty much a blur as you rush around the house doing everything that needs to be done before heading out the door. Since eating a healthy diet is super important to your feeling energized throughout the day, start the day right and make your first healthy food choice for the day a healthy breakfast! To eat healthy will not only help you feel better, you’ll be doing your part in helping retailers know that people are making healthier food choices, telling them that they should steer away from selling cheap, unhealthy food and instead start/keep selling healthier food options. In order to make a healthy breakfast, you must put in the effort. Making a list of healthy food(s) that you like is essential until making healthy food choices becomes an everyday habit.

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are a great idea when you need to eat while on the go. All the food is neatly wrapped up into a tortilla so you can hold it with one hand while you’re out and about doing your business. Great for eating in the car on your way to work (is this legal?) or for students who are running late on their way to school!

The Basics

Whole Wheat/Grain Tortilla (carbohydrates) Scrambled Eggs(protein) Ham or Sausage or Bacon (Just a little! for added flavor) Cheese – Sharp Cheddar (my favorite) or Swiss or Your Favorite

A few Add-In Ideas

Avocado Onions Green and/or Red Peppers


-Prepare all the ingredients the night before for a super quick and easy breakfast! -You can make two small breakfast burritos instead of one big one, which is easier to eat. Two tortillas will also keep you feeling full a little longer due to the extra carbohydrates. -Bring a napkin for messiness. And a container in case you don’t eat the whole breakfast burrito.

postheadericon Healthy Food – How to Help Your Kids Make Healthy Food Chocies

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

If you are a parent you know that most kids tend to be really picky eaters. If a food simply looks weird then it will probably be as difficult as pulling teeth to get them to “just give it a try". So what should you do? I think that the easiest way to incorporate a new and healthy food into your child’s diet is to keep giving them new food choices. For example, buy a fruit or vegetablethat they have never tried before (preferably at your local farmers market) and have them give it a try. If your child tries it and doesn’t like it, praise them for giving it a try. And don’t be discouraged – what they don’t like today they may like tomorrow! Simply send this particular healthy food choice to the bottom of the list and try the next food. Eventually this particular healthy food will come back up and maybe they will like it the next time around. Also, remember that kids are very visual so make the food you’ve chosen look appealing while keeping it simple. Interestingly, studies show that it can take up to 10 times for a child to try a new, healthy food before it can be determined that this healthy food indeed needs to be omitted from the list. (for a while anyway!)

Some Healthy Food Tips

: -Try to buy fresh foods, they taste better and are better for you. -Don’t try to hide the food in other food. Your child should know what they are eating so they can ask for it again. Lifelong habits are being formed now. -Take your child shopping with you and only go to ‘healthy’ sections of the store–produce, dairy, etc. They will be more apt to eat something that they have chosen themselves. -Let your child help you prepare the meal. Engaging their natural curiously is a way to get them involved in what they eat. -Teach your child about food and where it really comes from, which is not the corner grocery store! Connect them with where food really comes from by planting a small vegetable or herb garden.


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