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postheadericon Butter – Is Butter Really that Bad? Is Margerine any Better?




People tend to have a taste for both fatty foods as well as sweet foods, making the taste of butter one that is very popular, especially at breakfast time when it seems to be used a lot! We tend to put this creamy treat on our pancakes, waffles, toast, french toast, not to mention putting a pat or two into a pan when we’re getting ready to cook our special breakfast treats. Butter is definitely a controversial subject when it comes to your health. When it is commercially made it consists of about 82%t milk fat, 18% water, and 2% milk solids. Salt is often added for flavor, while the unsalted form is often known as sweet butter. There are more than 120 compounds included, with only 5 key ingredients that make up the flavor – fatty acids, lactones, methyl ketones, diacetyl and dimethyl sulfide. There are also some vitamins included – vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin, E, and vitamin K, so it’s not all bad, right?

Is Butter Bad?

So… is butter bad? Well, my personal conclusion is that it is not too bad if used in moderation, which is how I feel about most foods. I also think butter has a different impact on different people. For example, some people have eaten it all of their lives and live to be 90 or 100, while others may end up with clogged arteries before they’re 50 because they choose to eat this dairy product. I highly suggest everyone visit their doctor for a thorough check up and then ask their doctor’s opinion on what they think about how butter may be affecting your life. I personally use butter instead of margarineor other forms of fat for cooking. I used to use margarine because I thought it would be a healthier option, but after reading that it really isn’t much better than good old-fashioned butter, I went back to using butter. I like the taste of butter much better, and just try to use it as little as possible when cooking and/or putting it on my toast. Yummy!

Butter Substitutes

Instead of using butter, try using fruit preserves or applesauce or even yogurt or hummus. I love all three of these substitutes, which I have to admit are all not only much healthier options they are all quite delicious. These substitutes are great when served on foods like pancakes, waffles, and french toast. Oh, that reminds me of a breakfast I used to eat (what happened?) that consists of toast with tomatoes and olive oil drizzled on top… no butter here and it’s delicious!

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